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Storm in a Tikka
Doctor: doctor::Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace, K9
Main setting: Walford, London, 1993
An unknown alien planet, 1993
Key crew __NOFACTBOX__
Writer: Mike Tucker and Robert Perry
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Part of: Short Trips and Side Steps
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Short Trips short stories
Face Value Special Occasions: 4. Playing with Toys

Storm in a Tikka was the nineteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips and Side Steps. It was written by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry. It featured the Seventh Doctor, Ace and K9.

Summary Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

  • At least one of the Hindu gods (Kali) was inspired by a Transcendental Being who is worshipped on at least one planet other than Earth.
  • Mirrors are used in the transmat that takes individuals to and from the world Kali's cult is on.

Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

  • The events directly follow the defeat of the Rani. (TV: Dimensions in Time)
  • The Doctor and his companions have been invited to appear on a quiz show. (TV: Search Out Space)
  • According to PROSE: First Frontier, the events of Dimensions in Time is a bad dream the Seventh Doctor is having. So it is likely that the events of Storm in a Tikka is also a dream.

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