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Doctor: doctor::Eighth Doctor
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Writer: Gary Owen
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Part of: Short Trips: Snapshots
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Osskah was the thirteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Snapshots. It was written by Gary Owen. It featured the Eighth Doctor.

Summary Edit

When the TARDIS crash-lands on a mountainside, the avian inhabitants of the planet take the Doctor to meet their elder, Wingleader Osskah Longspan. The birds choose to throw the Doctor to his death until the Doctor declares himself a god. The Doctor then realises that Osskah is dying and offers to perform surgery in an attempt to prolong his life. During the makeshift surgery, the Doctor distracts Osskah by telling him of his recent adventures. In return, Osskah tells the Doctor of a civil war amongst his people which wiped out half their race, and that he wrote a book chronicling the history of his planet in remembrance. The Doctor and Osskah realise that the Doctor's recent adventure had created a space rift that Osskah's world is being sucked into. Osskah gives his history book of his planet to the Doctor in the hope that his people will be remembered.

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References Edit

  • The Doctor tells Osskah that he has just been on a mission to save several sentient suns from a blight caused by colonists' visits to their solar systems.
  • The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to scan Osskah.
  • The Doctor's sonic screwdriver has a blue light on the top.
  • Osskah's planet and its star fall through a rift into another universe.
  • The Doctor is carrying out missions for the Time Lords willingly.
  • The Doctor mentions that there is a "storm in heaven" and that his people are trying to stop it.
  • Debris from the "storm" is landing all over Osskah's world.

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