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Log 384
Doctor: doctor::Seventh Doctor
Featuring: Edward Grainger
Main setting: London, the 1940s
Key crew __NOFACTBOX__
Writer: Richard Salter
Release details
Part of: Short Trips: The Centenarian
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Log 384 was the sixth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Centenarian. It was written by Richard Salter. It featured the Seventh Doctor.

Summary Edit

During the Second World War Edward Grainger was looking for the love of his life, Mai Ling, in Japanese controlled China. Edward was captured by the Japanese and put in a prison. The Seventh Doctor arrived and helped Edward escape from the prison. After his escape, Edward received a letter from the British government in response to a recommendation from the Doctor for him to become a British operative.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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