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Curtain Call
Doctor: doctor::Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Frobisher (unseen)
Main enemy: Godfrey
Main setting: Earth, 1980s
Key crew __NOFACTBOX__
Writer: Joseph Lidster
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Part of: Short Trips: Farewells
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Curtain Call was the eleventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Farewells. It was written by Joseph Lidster. It featured the Sixth Doctor.

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Agatha Ellis has lived an unhappy life, and is unable to trust anyone who tries to get close to her. however, the arrival of a new man in her life changes her views on the world for good, but when she discovers her new love, Godfrey, is in fact an alien and she is carrying his child, she is driven insane. Locked in an asylum, Agatha has a suprise visitor - The Doctor, as he tries to convince her that life is worth living, but for once, the Doctor finds himself out of his depth...

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