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• 5/25/2018

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• 10/4/2013

Tardis redesign: discussion with Kate.moon's team

I'm having some difficulty getting the site to switch over to Message Wall, as it keeps "eating" comments that I'm sending to you. So let's just move to the forum so that we can get more timely message alerts.
First, to catch you up on things said at my old talk page:

That's really very impressive and yet quite different — in a totally awesome way — to what I thought. So is that completely the finished size? I wanna make this super easy for you, so I'm looking to give you graphics that hit that center precisely for you. Ultimately, yes, I'll need the PSD for this, but for right now, can I just take this image and throw it in Photoshop and get the exact pixel dimensions of the interior? czechout ☎ ✍  16:59: Fri 04 Oct 2013
ALso, what exact font is that with the TORCHWOOD label? czechout ☎ ✍  17:00: Fri 04 Oct 2013
Okay, I'm getting something that is roughly 367px by 372px. So basically, the images to fit into the bordering circles need to be about 375px square to fit. I'm gonna presume that's correct and start reshaping my images into that size, and hopefully have them for you in less than 2 hours, so that you can just slap 'em into place. If my math is wrong, please lemme know :)
BTW, I am totally in love with this design. czechout ☎ ✍  17:10: Fri 04 Oct 2013
Okay, so here are the first four graphics. I hope I've got the dimensions right, so that all you have to do is slip them in. I've provided alternatives for a few of them just so you can see which one fits best:

Torchwood-Nav-Button.pngSJA-Nav-Button.pngSJA-Nav-Button-Stretched-Differently.pngK9-Nav-Button.pngK9-Nav-Button-Stretched.pngDoctor-Who-Nav-Button.pngDoctor-Who-Nav-Button-Stretched.pngAdd a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"https://slot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net/__am/1527233496/group/-/wikia_photo_gallery_js","type":"js"},{"url":"https://slot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net/__am/1527233496/sass/background-dynamic%3Dfalse%26background-image%3D%26background-image-height%3D1200%26background-image-width%3D2000%26color-body%3D%2523012c57%26color-body-middle%3D%2523012c57%26color-buttons%3Dsilver%26color-community-header%3D%2523002c56%26color-header%3D%2523808080%26color-links%3D%2523aecfff%26color-page%3D%2523012c57%26oasisTypography%3D1%26page-opacity%3D100%26widthType%3D0/extensions/wikia/WikiaPhotoGallery/css/gallery.scss","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})
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• 2/14/2013

Vandalism spike at Tardis

I've noticed an increase in vandalism at our wiki, as I'm sure have you all. To combat the vandalism, particularly because we've got ourselves a gen-you-whine vandal like Doug87, it's probably best if we now observe a few best practices handed down from Wikia. These few tips should take most of the heat out of the fire:

Don't use edit summaries when reverting or blocking repeat offenders like Doug87. They only want attention, so don't even bother acknowledging their vandalism at all. Just revert or delete the content, then block, then walk away.
Keep all discussions about vandalism off the wiki. Using a side wiki like this one or w:c:community should help defuse things
Don't bother with leaving messages on repeat offenders' talk pages. There's an open bug preventing IP users from getting talk page messages, anyway — but even if there weren't, it's not worth your time.
Lock offending vandal's talk pages. It does no good for us to keep mum if someone like OS25 or SmallerOnTheOutside goes in there to try to "play admin". Also, it stops a major avenue of protest. If they've got nowhere to air their grievances, they'll eventually stop. Think of locking pages like withholding oxygen from flames.
Be slow to delete things that aren't actually hurting our genuine content. Sure, we should rollback vandalism that happens on our main content pages. If we get "Martha Jones was a slut who slept around a lot," we gotta revert that. But if the source of tension is a page like tardis:Temporal Anomaly, protect it, strip away the {{delete}} tag, and just leave it alone. Essentially, the goal is to not play along.
Consider using range blocks. Doug87, as well as our "Nyssa loves Five, Adric loves Mel vandal" both have a pattern of using a few IPs from a similar cluster. For instance, Doug87 has been recently used 94.6.x.x addresses. If you do a range block on (or, if you wanna be really certain, /17), then you'll throw up a major roadblock, stopping all 94.6.x.x addresses (about 32k possible addresses). This is seen as "acceptable" by the VSTF. We won't have to make too many of these blocks before he's got no more addys of which to avail himself. And, range blocks don't add the little "exiled" tag. So they're a silently effective alternative to just blocking every single problematic IP addy that comes along.
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